Monday, March 25, 2013

Love's First Week ALMOST Released

Can you feel it? No?

It's very close. It's behind you!

Under your bed while you dream about ponies. Why do you dream about ponies?

It's not under your bed?


The point is, it's very, very close to the release of Love's First Week. Probably tomorrow? I don't know. Flash game industry sucks. I don't even need to market this thing.

Enjoy this screenshot. Say "Aaahhh" when you finished enjoying it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Here's a Lovely GIF

Why am I enjoying this so much, I don't even know.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Game: Love's First Week!

I did a small project recently, a 2d puzzle/action platformer called "Love's First Week". It's a game about me and my girlfriend, when we just started dating. Player controls my girlfriend and me, kicking rocks and each other to solve puzzles. It's a fun game. It's very weird narrative-wise because actually the game was made for my girlfriend as a present. So a lot of things that make sense to us don't really create a clear picture for the player. Funnily enough, that gives the game some kind of an interesting narrative quality. Some parts are open to interpretation for the player. I think it'll be out on web in a few weeks.

"Bit By Bit Gaming" Article!

Blair DeLong was nice enough to put a lot of time into writing a great review about Ode To Pixel Days. It's very insightful about the concept of the game. I recommend you to read it wholeheartedly.


Monday, March 11, 2013

A Short Story

A man was bored and always bothered with existentialist pain. He was a nihilist and he was proud to find no meaning in life. He was proud to stand in front of life and say, "you're stupid". But one day, he got very depressed over something, and he tried to suicide. He did not die though, so he felt even more miserable.

Then as doctors gave prescription to, he started taking antidepressants and lived happily ever after.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Wild Article Appeared!

Here's the wonderful article of Thomas about Ode To Pixel Days and why it's a special game.


Quoting from it:

"Through those simple and sometimes subtle mechanics, you actually live the feelings Hans is going through. From sadness he wants to avoid and stop, the frustration of having a load on his shoulder, to eventually freedom. Almost everything is expressed through level design and puzzle mechanics."

Thank you Thomas, you are a wonderful person!

Check out his site for more awesomeness.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Artechnik Podcast!

I've been the guest of the wonderful guys from Artechnik Podcast. Listen to us while I'm having a hard time speaking proper English for 53 minutes! This was my first interview ever, that's why I forgot even basic English words, but nevertheless, it was A LOT OF FUN. The guys were amazing, and they were so interested in my game and personality. I'm officially a fan!

We talked about the reactions I got to Ode To Pixel Days, my brother's game Zipzip: Secret Dimension, my fear and inability of playing video games as I just watched my brother play, and much more!

You can listen to, download the podcast here on this link. You can even listen to it through Itunes.


I want to thank Aaron, Adam and Jef for being such amazing and kind people, and being interested in my humble work. Thanks guys! Hope to do this again when I can speak English without hesitation!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bandcamp Success

Check this out. Let's filter Bandcamp with the albums that came out of Turkey:

Ode To Pixel Days soundtrack is the most popular album from Turkey! How awesome is that?!

But there's more! The album is also popular on almost every genre tag of Ode To Pixel Days, but the coolest one is of course the "video game music" tag.

Being in the first page of this list is awesome, some of my idols are on that page! Cheers to everyone who gave a listen to it and downloaded it.

You can still download it for free (click Buy Now and enter 0). You can also buy me a coffee sometime by paying a few bucks. Thanks everyone for the amazing support :)

Let's Play Ode To Pixel Days!

I was just going through nice play-throughs of Ode To Pixel Days. I haven't watched all of them yet but I think the ones I watched are very worthy of posting. So if you're the most hardcore Ode To Pixel Days fan out there, and don't know what to do because you played the game once and got bored of it (let's face it, it's the most linear game of all times), then enjoy these videos that some nice people put a lot of work to.