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I started making games when I was 11 years old, with a simple (yet effective) program called Game Maker. The games were all awful but I loved making them. I've done 5 games that I can remember of, here they are:


This was something I designed with my brother. I did this for a competition themed "coop". This is not a coop game, why did I make this game then? Apperantly I didn't know what coop meant back then. At least it's a 2 player game. It's a weird physics tower defense with totally asymmetrical gameplay. Some people made fun of this game's title since it reads like "hoes".



This is my best game maker game to date. It actually got covered in a magazine in Turkey. It took 3 years to complete. Content-wise it's a monster. It'll take at least half an hour even if you rush through the whole game. With a long scenario mode including 4 different characters, lots of different enemy types, upgrade system, 4 weapons, a survival mode, collectibles, and lots of other stuff; it's my biggest accomplishment of my childhood. It sucks though. I mean, it has a lot of flaws. I haven't even heard of the word "polish" back then. And it shows.


Manyakanizma 2

This one repeats the first Manyakanizma but does it so much better. I believe it's a decent game even to this day, mechanic and gameplay-wise. At least for an 12 year-old it is. It's Turkish only, because back then I didn't even know that I could make other people around the world play my game. Making games was just a friends-family kind of activity.



The first one of the series :P This is a shooter, one guy againt rooms full of enemies, that's played like space invaders with puzzle elements. This game sucks hard.

I have no screenshot of it since the game is lost.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Lost Games Heaven


Karaahmet was the first game I've ever done. It's lost, so you cannot play it, sadly. It was a guy trying not to hit rocks, because if he did, he would teleport back to the first level. Punishing gameplay!

I have no screenshot of it since the game is lost.

DOWNLOAD HERE: Lost Games Heaven


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