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I've attended a ton of game jam events, first one being Global Game Jam 2012. Here's the collection of the games that came out, both collaborations and solo work:

Schizophrenia (Global Game Jam 2013)

Reflex-based button combination gameplay. Awesome graphics, because I did not make them, graphics were done by someone who actually know what he was doing.

Made with: Flash, Flixel
Graphics: Murat Kalkavan
Programming: Talha Kaya
Music&Sound: Doğaç Yavuz


Modern Epidemic (GDTJam 2)

Modern Epidemic is a short point’n'click adventure. it’s about how modern world and city life makes people depressive and hopeless. Some people don’t know why they aren’t happy, and how they can be. Our character knows how to be happy, but avoids it to stand near “the truth”.

I think it has a pretty cool design, you can call it an "art game" if you want.

Made with: Flash, Flixel
Programming: Nazire Aslan
Art: Talha Kaya
Music: Doğaç Yavuz


Super-Human (Ludum Dare 24)

Super-Human came to life as a joke, but I still dig it as a prototype. It's about controlling livings, making them collapse into enemy livings. It's a very short prototype. Also it's got the smallest resolution on a game possible.

Made with: Flash, Flixel
Programming, Art, Music: Talha Kaya

PLAY HERE: SWF Kongregate

Tsunami Run (GDTJam 1)

Tsunami Run is a one-button runner game based on flowing up in the air and getting bonuses for the higher you go.

Made with: Flash, Flixel
Programming: Talha Kaya
Art: Nazire Aslan


Burst Into Burst (Global Game Jam 2012)

This game plays pretty similar to Osmos, but the main mechanic is to burst into smaller pieces to get more points. It also has a nice upgrade system. The intro animation is very nice but also very CPU-costly! I only did the tutorial and credits screens of this game, but I was involved in the design.

Made with: Flash
Programming: Tarık Kaya
Art: Erdoğan Cem Evin, Talha Kaya
Music & Sound: Ateş Erkoç


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