Hello there, I'm Talha Kaya, I'm a game developer and a computer engineering student studying in Boğaziçi University here in İstanbul, Turkey. My passions are making games and creating music.

I've been making games since I was 11 years old, so there are a lot of things to show, also a lot of things to be ashamed of.

Here's my CV: PDF

I have made two sponsored flash game titles to this date. Here they are:

Ode To Pixel Days

Here's a trailer:

The game is about growing up. The protagonist is a teenager who wants to be loved by a cheerleader.

Key features:

-An emotional story with pixel-art retro graphics.
-The "shrinking" mechanic that keeps the player interested.
-5 different worlds to explore and a lot of puzzles.
-Original soundtrack of 15 minutes.
-This is your only chance to see two pixels having a relationship!

Main hook of the game is that people get smaller and more pixellated as the protagonist uses his machine. He believes that the only chance for cheerleader to love him is to make everyone look like each other. That is the protagonist's utopia and the game is about him trying to make that happen.

Made With: Flash, Flixel
Design, Programming, Art, Music, Sound: Talha Kaya

PLAY HERE: MaxGames Kongregate Newgrounds
EXTRAS: Ode To Pixel Days Extras
SOUNDTRACK: Bandcamp with free download

Love's First Week

I've developed this game for my girlfriend.

Love's First Week is a game about kicking. Kicking rocks, kicking boyfriends, it's all okay in this game!

Play it by yourself or with a friend! (best suited for lovers!)

Love's First Week is a puzzle/platformer with two characters. Player controls both characters to solve puzzles. The characters have to kick rocks and each other to continue their journey. Find out what happens to their relationship after 15 challenging levels!

PLAY HERE: Newgrounds

Zıpzıp: Secret Dimension

Zıpzıp is a physics puzzle platformer about this little guy finding his ability to turn some objects. The gameplay consists of puzzles that require you to change 3D objects in a 2D world. It has an awesome scenario. The game is totally Tarık Kaya's work, I just recorded the soundtrack.

The soundtrack of the game won a Crystal Pixel Award in a ceremony held in METU, Ankara, declaring that the soundtrack is one of the best Turkish game soundtracks of last 5 years.

PLAY HERE: Newgrounds
SOUNDTRACK: Bandcamp with free download

Other Work

I've done a lot of other stuff, including game jam games, games made in my childhood, other cool flash experiments.

"Schizophrenia" in game jam games

"Modern Epidemic" in game jam games

"Zomster" in game maker games

"Manyakanizma" in game maker games

Thanks for checking out the things I have created. Hope you had fun as I had fun creating them.

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