Sunday, March 3, 2013

Artechnik Podcast!

I've been the guest of the wonderful guys from Artechnik Podcast. Listen to us while I'm having a hard time speaking proper English for 53 minutes! This was my first interview ever, that's why I forgot even basic English words, but nevertheless, it was A LOT OF FUN. The guys were amazing, and they were so interested in my game and personality. I'm officially a fan!

We talked about the reactions I got to Ode To Pixel Days, my brother's game Zipzip: Secret Dimension, my fear and inability of playing video games as I just watched my brother play, and much more!

You can listen to, download the podcast here on this link. You can even listen to it through Itunes.


I want to thank Aaron, Adam and Jef for being such amazing and kind people, and being interested in my humble work. Thanks guys! Hope to do this again when I can speak English without hesitation!

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