Saturday, February 16, 2013

About Indie Game: The Movie

Two days before I watched "Indie Game: The Movie", I have designed my game, Ode To Pixel Days, for the first time. When I watched IGTM, it inspired me so much, I felt really motivated to create my game. As you may know, Ode To Pixel Days is a very personal game for me, I see some people connecting emotionally with it and it makes me so proud. I put so much things from myself in it, I feel like I've shared a valuable thing with other people.

I watched IGTM and loved it. I watched it again, I made my friends watch it too, they all loved it. Every time I watched it, it touched my heart and motivated me to continue making the game. My game is not a big game, it's just a little browser game. But I am so proud of it, and I am thankful to James and Lisanne for making such an awesome movie.

It took more than 6 months to finish and release the game, but there were very depressing times, when I did not want to go on with it. I remember one night, I was terribly depressed about the game, I started losing interest in it at some point. I watched IGTM and cried when Team Meat released Super Meat Boy, Edmund Mcmillen talked about his emotions about the release. A kid, staying up all night to play Super Meat Boy... That scene always kills me. I remember after watching the movie, my depression fading away, I was back to being determined to finish this game.

And I have finished it.

Today, I released it.

I am very thankful to James and Lisanne for creating such an inspirational movie. It means so much to me and I'll continue watching it again and again in the future. Thank you for everything :)

I'd be honored if you guys tried out my game. Thanks :)

Game is available on these links:

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